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Acne Kit



Make way for vibrant new skin

A 3-step skin care regime that deep cleanses and leaves your skin looking clearer, more matte and scar free.

Kit includes: 

  • AHA+BHA Cleanser
  • Niacinamide Complex 
  • Vitamin A Complex
  • Zinc Protect with SPF15 
  • Antioxidant Moisturiser

Who does it suit?

Ideal for skin types: Normal, combination, oily

Ideal for skin conditions: Dehydrated, acne, oiliness, blemishes and underlying congestion

Cautions - Do not use Skin Identicals AHA+BHA Cleanser or Vitamin A Complex if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


The Skin Identicals Acne Kit gives you a 3-step regime designed to decongest, purify and balance your skin. Skin-identical ingredients help to reduce oil flow and blackheads. They also minimise and refine open pores and reduce redness associated with acne breakouts.

how to use

Use morning and night, following the 3-step regime, or as directed by your Skin Identicals Skin Care Expert.

3-step regime

Step 1: AHA+BHA Cleanser

Step 2: Niacinamide Complex + Vitamin A Complex

Step 3: Zinc Protect with SPF15 + Antioxidant Moisturiser


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