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Nothing beats face time

Aug 15 - GIVEAWAYS - 2015

Nothing beats face time

by Jodie + Mirella

Most of us wonder if our skin care is right for us – and if it’s really working. If you’ve ever disappeared down an internet rabbit hole in search of the answer and surfaced hours later none the wiser, know that there’s a better way: face time.

Our skin consultations are one-on-one sessions where you can talk to an expert about your skin care concerns. By taking the time to understand where your skin’s at right now, we can help you use our products to turn flawsome to awesome.

Your first consultation is complimentary. Depending on your location, we can see you in person or on Skype. We can even advise you by phone – you’d need to send us photos to help us in our diagnosis.

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Win a Vitamin C Complex

See us for a complimentary skin care consultation this month and go in our #facetime draw to win a 30 ml Skin Identicals Vitamin C Complex. Refer a friend to double your chances.*


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 * You/your friend must conclude the skin care consultation in person, online or on the phone by 31 August 2015 to enter the draw. Ask your friend to mention your name at their appointment to activate your ‘refer

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