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Girl Talk: what exactly is a luminary?

Sep 23 - GIRL TALK - 2015

Girl Talk: what exactly is a luminary?

by Jodie + Mirella

Hi, Jodie and Mirella here. Some people asked what’s behind our luminaries quotes. Wonder no more. We’re happy to reveal.

Why did you start the luminaries series?

JODIE: We like inspirational quotes and we wanted to pay tribute to our leading lights – women whose entrepreneurship, talent and style shine the way forward for us.

MIRELLA: I admire and respect all women who are older than me because they’ve ‘been there and done that’. I have a lot to learn from them. With the luminaries series we’re celebrating that with inspirational quotes from awesome women who inspire and teach us.

Like who?

JODIE: I admire Coco Chanel – she’s a fashion and beauty icon, an entrepreneur and a pioneer. I also admire humanitarians like Mother Teresa and Princess Diana.

MIRELLA: Ita Buttrose and Lisa Wilkinson are two gracious and inspiring women I admire for both their professional and personal achievements.

What have your luminaries taught you?

JODIE: To be successful and to be able to give back and share in whichever way I can.

MIRELLA: That you can have it all in life if you’re patient and tackle one thing at a time.

Words to live by?

JODIE: Believe in yourself. Take risks. Dream big. Make a difference.

MIRELLA: Be true to yourself and show gratitude to all around you.


Luminaries: Marilyn Monroe & Ella Fitzgerald

Luminary: Coco Chanel 

Luminary: Ita Buttrose


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