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Girl Talk: Style Council

Nov 25 - GIRL TALK - 2015

Girl Talk: Style Council

by Jodie + Mirella

Its us again: Jodie and Mirella. You told us you liked our style.  That got us thinking about what our style actually is, and how we'd describe it. We're firm believers in setting a direction and putting it into words so you can make conscious decisions about where you want to go. Style is no exception.

So we had a go...

JODIE: What's my style? Four words: contemporary, sophisticated, comfortable and relaxed. Not necessarily in that order.

MIRELLA: Me? Classic and chic. My wardrobe colours consist of black, white, grey and denim. And I love stripes. To finish my look I pop it with a bit of colour on my lips. Everyone who knows me knows that I love red lipstick!

What's your style? Let us know in the comments.

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