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Vitamin A, what’s your superpower?


Vitamin A, what’s your superpower?

by Jodie + Mirella

Of course, no one and nothing can turn back time. But Vitamin A comes close.

Vitamin A reverses the signs of natural and environmental ageing that you see in your skin – everything from photoageing and fine lines to discolouration. Used regularly, it can promote smoother, more luminous skin. It’s no coincidence that those are qualities we love about youthful skin – so yes, we’re talking about an anti-ageing effect here. Superpower or what!?

We’ve seen the studies – and we’ve seen the results. So we’ve built Vitamin A into our range. We use retinol, a form that’s less irritating and more easily absorbed into the skin’s lower layers, where it can make the most difference.


Turn flawsome to awesome with vitamin A

- Minimise skin damage

- Improve radiance and lustre

- Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

- Plump and redefine texture and tone

- Stimulate cell turnover

- Prevent acne


Skin Identicals Vitamin A Complex

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What skin-identical ingredients do we use in our range?


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